Coffee Filter


Swap disposable paper filters for this reusable zero-waste one,ย made from a special raw cotton & linen blend, calledย Buldan. No chemicals or dyes were used in the creation of the cloth, making it a healthy alternative to toxic, bleached paper or plastic filters. It's good for at least 100 uses, and since it does not contain any synthetic materials, it can be composted at the end of its lifetime.ย Fits a variety of brewers that take standard no.2 filters.

  • Materials: Buldan (cotten/linen blend)
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash with warm water immediately after use and dry upside down to avoid the build-up & blockage of holes by coffee oils. It is recommended to not use toxic detergents, and use natural soaps instead.

Shipping: 1-3 business days

Returns: This item is non-returnable & non-exchangeable.

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